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Caring California Lawyers Assist People Hurt in Rideshare Collisions

Effective attorneys seek compensation for injured passengers in the San Jose area

The rapid growth of rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft has revolutionized transportation in many locations throughout the United States. These operations, and others like them, typically use cars owned by the drivers to bring passengers from one place to another. As with other vehicles, serious collisions can occur at any time, injuring passengers who don’t know anything more about their driver than their name and star rating. At the Law Offices of Rozy Lahlouh Boulos, A Professional Law Corporation, we are experienced collision attorneys who understand the complex aspects of rideshare crash litigation and are committed to obtaining full compensation for clients in the San Jose area and throughout California.

Firm works to obtain proper relief after an Uber or Lyft collision

Our firm’s California lawyers guide clients through insurance claims, settlement negotiations and trials, depending on what is the best way to secure justice for injured rideshare passengers. If you’ve been hurt after hiring a Lyft or Uber car, we’ll advise you of the special considerations that affect these cases, including:

  • Insurance coverage — When an Uber or Lyft operator has their app in “driver mode,” they are covered by insurance policies purchased by the rideshare company. Depending upon the specific terms of the policy, the driver’s personal auto coverage might also be implicated.
  • Training and screening — In most situations, rideshare operators are independent contractors, so it is difficult to collect damages from the companies they are affiliated with. If the company was somehow responsible for contracting with a driver when it knew or should have known that he/she posed an unreasonable risk, we can determine if legal liability exists.
  • Locating key information and witnesses — When you’re driving or riding with someone you know, getting basic contact and vehicle information usually is not complicated. However, there might be difficulty keeping track of a rideshare driver. Our experienced advocates know how to find critical evidence and witnesses to support your case.

Don’t hesitate to get the legal assistance you need to secure appropriate reimbursement for your injuries. We won’t let you be pressured into an unfair result.

Knowledgeable advisers pursue reimbursement for crash victims

Even as you’re trying to recover from the physical harm caused by a rideshare collision, the financial pressures mount. Our skilled litigators will develop a strong strategy designed to maximize the payment you receive for medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering and any other damages that you’re entitled to. At the outset of your case, we’ll give you an informed assessment of the type of financial recovery obtained in similar situations. From there, our litigators will work diligently to obtain a fair result through a verdict or settlement.

Contact a responsive California lawyer regarding a rideshare collision claim

The Law Offices of Rozy Lahlouh Boulos, A Professional Law Corporation represents individuals who were hurt in an collision while using a rideshare service such as Uber or Lyft. To schedule a Free consultation at our California office regarding a potential claim, please call 408-708-9222 or contact us online.