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A true professional!
I am grateful for all of the work done by Rozy and her staff. I ran into a horrible car accident but recovered slowly over time. It was supposed to be a simple injury claim but the at-fault party’s insurance created all sorts of red tape from the get-go when I was trying to handle the claim by myself. Fortunately, I found Rozy’s office via a referral. Rozy was always clear and transparent about the process and expectations. Her professional work was a big relief to me emotionally and time-wise. Along the way, she kept me fully informed and was always willing to listen to my questions and concerns with patience and lots of sound advice. I am totally satisfied with the final insurance settlement by the at-fault party, thanks to Rozy’s huge help. She is a true professional and a trusted partner.-W C

Incredibly grateful to have found Rozy!
Rozy and her team are incredible! They helped me after I was struck by a vehicle when crossing the street as a pedestrian. I have never needed an attorney in my life and did not know what to do or expect. She and her team made me feel completely at ease and taken care of right from the start. She walked me through the entire process of a personal injury claim and answered every question I had. After providing her with my initial paperwork and signed release forms, Rozy took care of the tedious task of compiling and going through every detail of my health/billing records from the ER/doctor visits/ambulance/etc. To say that she and her team are thorough is an understatement! Other than asking any questions I had or reviewing the demand letter, my involvement was very minimal and I was able to focus on my recovery. She negotiated relentlessly with the driver’s insurance company and helped reach a very fair settlement. I am so grateful for having Rozy and her team on my side! They’re incredibly talented, trustworthy, and professional. Thank you all SO much for everything!! Veronica

Great Estate Planning Attorney!
Rozy is an excellent attorney who helped my husband and I set up a family trust. Upon our initial meeting, she explained all the ins and outs of the process and the different aspects to think about when setting up a trust. She takes the time to explain the details, is very responsive to email, had a teleconference with us for our 2nd meeting (which was great for our busy schedules), and is very knowledgable all around. Plus, she’s got a great energy and was fun to work with. Highly recommend! Denise

Highly Recommended
We recently hired Rozy Boulos to represent our family for an automobile personal injury case. Rozy was exceptional, relentless and professional. She was able to get the maximum dollar amount from the opposing insurance company because she didn’t settle the case prematurely. Helpful Hint: Keep a complete running log of your pain & suffering with dates, pain levels and out-of-pocket expenses – this will go a long way in helping Rozy go to bat for you and resolve the case to your advantage. For our case, Rozy, and her assistant, Maria, communicated with us via email. Both of them always responded quickly and answered all of our questions completely and thoroughly, saving us the time of having to set up phone conference calls or setting up appointments to see them in person. We highly recommend Rozy and her team. Tom

Great Attorney for her professionalism and personality
We feel so lucky to be referred to Attorney Rozy and her team for their great professional help for our trust. We feel at home once we enter her office. They are such a hospitality team to work with. She will advise your in detail and informatively on what needs to be considered in the trust, and what needs to be taken care of after the we have the trust to our best interests. She and her team are so patient and careful to review and refine the trust to make sure our wishes are fully implemented and covered. Truly appreciate! For sure, we will highly recommend to our friends and colleagues. Tony

Thank you for your help!
My wife and I and two minor children were involved in a car accident case off of Highway 1 last year where a drunk driver hit our car while we were pulled onto the side of the highway. We had a relatively complicated personal injury case related to the car accident. There was not enough money to cover all of the bills! In particular, an air ambulance bill of a whopping $52,000 which my health insurance company declined to pay and thousands of other medical bills from the date of the accident and treatment that followed. There were bills for all of four of us and physical therapy and medical bills for my wife and I and one of our sons as well. The drunk driver had a minimal policy which Attorney Boulos recovered in full and very quickly once she showed the drunk driver’s insurance how much damages existed. We luckily had some underinsurance motorist coverage which kicked in the maximum additional monies we can get on this case once the drunk driver’s policy paid in full. This stuff is complicated and Attorney Boulos explained everything in great detail so we could make informed decisions every step of the way. Without Attorney Boulos’ guidance and her advocacy for us, I don’t know if this case would have resolved as favorably as it did. Attorney Boulos and her team fought for us tooth and nail, they got the large air ambulance bill completely dismissed, and they negotiated a pretty good deal with the drunk driver’s insurance company and our own insurance for additional compensation (which would not increase our premiums). There were things we could recover that we were not aware of, and that’s why having an attorney help with these matters is so important. I am SO glad I called Rozy a year ago and got her involved early on! My family and I are so glad we had her covering our back during this hard period of our life. Thank you so much, Attorney Boulos and Team. We will not forget this! And, we will remember to call you for our future legal needs! Sergei

Excellent service by Rozy
Rozy worked very diligently to represent my daughter and I in an accident case. She did all the necessary paper work with both the car and health insurance companies and argued our case very successfully. I will highly recommend her to anyone. She is a true professional in her work. Janet

Partners with you, Sharp, Tries everything for best outcome
I hadn’t used a lawyer before, and working with Rozy was pleasant–even under the circumstances of being in pain and stressed from a car accident. From our first conversation, I valued that she was straight forward, realistic and honest in her evaluation. She anticipates what will come, what is needed, what responses will be, and is very thorough. She truly worked with me as a partner, not someone who is doing this for the money. I can now see the value of using a lawyer in certain circumstances. Rozy knew the system like the back of her hand, and of course that helped me get so much farther than trying to settle with the insurance company myself. She tried every justification she could to get more for me, even up until the last minute. I sincerely valued that ingenuity and effort. In future situations where I’m not sure if a lawyer is needed or not (or if it is definitely needed), I will absolutely think of Rozy and her team first. H

Extremely Pleased with Rozy’s Firm
My experience with Rozy and her law firm was a very efficient and positive one. In July 2017 I was a pedestrian walking across the street when a car struck me in the crosswalk. A nearby stranger called an ambulance and I was brought to the hospital. After I was released from the hospital, I screened different personal injury lawyers over the phone. I was taken by Rozy’s professional decorum immediately. Rozy was thorough, patient and detailed in her questions about the accident. She and her team immediately took on my case. As expected there would be a lot of documentation required from the hospital, doctors, ambulance, police report. Collecting all of these is a time consuming and cumbersome process. And the medical bills kept coming. Rozy and her firm sent me release authorization forms to complete, which would give her office authorization to contact all of the service providers for proof of service and invoice information: ER, the doctors, ambulance, X-ray labs, primary doctor and physical rehabilitation therapist. This effort resulted in her office in receiving, sifting through and examining well over 30+ invoices from this one day accident and 6 weeks of physical therapy. There were lots of bills as a result of the accident. She advised me on options and best course of action every step of the way. I was particularly impressed with her due diligence, her ability to easily recall various details of my case throughout the period we worked together. Aside from the amount of paperwork I needed to provide at the beginning of the case (a step that is of course required in order for them to do their jobs effectively), my level of involvement was practically minimal. I did not have to spend hours on the phone with them, did not need to follow up with them on the progress, did not have to repeat any details I had already provided once. Rozy was also particularly skilled at negotiating with the insurance company settlor. She informed me ahead of time what her tactics were and the justifications for them. She often predicted what amount the insurance company would offer and Rozy was well prepared with counter offers. She acted truly as a partner every step of the way with me. We settled the case with a positive outcome and fair settlement. I lucked out with finding Rozy. She was a professional, dedicated attorney with exceptional follow through. Am grateful for her services A